Steps to follow to purchase products from the store

The acquisition of store products is done very simple: First, select one or more products by one of the navigation options available and then clicking on the desired product to see its features, you click on the Add button to Cart. You can also add a product to the basket by clicking the + symbol to the right of the price on any product listings.

To help locate products store, they are classified by categories. To see the products in a category simply click on it in the left side of the window, showing all categories. Finder can also be used to locate one or more products. The easy way is to type one or more keywords on the box located at the top left, under the logo of the online store and click the Search button. For more complex searches can be pressed on the Advanced Search option that is on your right. Any of them can see the products that meet criteria. Clicking on the photo or the text description of a product is access to a detailed record of the same.

You can press the Add to Cart button on one or more products, which thus added to the Shopping Cart, visible on the left side of the screen. Can be reviewed products already on Cart by clicking the View Basket. Since this option can be removed by marking products Cart Remove column on the right of your description and clicking the update button.

To purchase products on Cart must be pressed on the Checkout option visible when reviewing products shopping cart. You can also used the Pay from cart visible on the left side of the screen.
Any previous purchase options allow you to complete the purchase of several steps:

Should not been identified, it should do or choose the option Buy without creating account if you do not want to register. In this case you must supply the data necessary to process the order and make an invoice. In case you make a future purchase will have to supply the data.
Confirm the address and delivery options
Confirm billing address and payment method to use
Review and confirm your order
If you pay via PayPal or credit card will be automatically redirected to the PayPal website to complete payment

If you want you can create a user store and associate one or more contact addresses so you do not have to enter it again if you buy in the store. Alternatively, you can buy anonymously without creating a user. In either case, the input data are similar to those necessary to deliver your order and issue an invoice.

Prior to completing the purchase must accept these Terms and conditions. You can also enter comments about the request, which will be useful for you or who will process.

Pressing Checkout accepted the conditions and confirmed the purchase as it is detailed, authorizing payment of the amount corresponding detailed: Complete.